The Nebraska Republican Party supports reorganizing the presidential primary system on a regional basis. We also support Nebraska in joining 48 other states by returning to a “winner-take-all” format for allocating our five Electoral College votes for president. We support a closed primary system.


The Nebraska Republican Party supports the Electoral College for electing the President of the United States and opposes efforts to undermine this process.


Initiative Petition and Referendum

The first power reserved by the people is the initiative whereby laws may be enacted and constitutional amendments adopted by the people independently of the Legislature. Initiative petition and referendum are the tools the people use to address their perceived needs or grievances. Signature requirements for initiative petitions and referendums should be based on the number of electors who voted in the most recent election for Governor as specified in Article III, section 4 of the Nebraska Constitution.


The integrity of elections is one of the most critical issues in our Republic. To secure our elections for future generations, we support requiring government-issued picture ID for voting and proof of citizenship at the time of voter registration. To guard against unfair practices and guarantee an open and transparent auditing process, we support a requirement that each vote cast in all elections be documented by a paper record in addition to any digital ballot cast. Because of its potential for abuse and fraud, the Nebraska Republican Party opposes ballot harvesting. We oppose ranked-choice voting.


The Nebraska Republican Party supports current state and local partisan elections and supports the expansion of partisan elections to all elected offices, including the state legislature. We oppose same day voter registration.


We support Nebraska’s current state law as it pertains to the temporary suspension of voting privileges of individuals convicted of state or federal felonies, as well as reasonable waiting periods and processes (including the completion of parole and probation) before such privileges are restored.