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Office & Development Coordinator

Entry Level - Part Time

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Title: Office & Development Coordinator

Part time, entry level

Salary dependent on experience 

The Nebraska Republican Party (NEGOP) is dedicated to supporting Republicans who are in or are candidates for elected office. We are seeking a dedicated, entry-level professional to assist in managing the state party headquarters and help coordinate development-oriented events. 


Qualified applicants need have no prior political experience, but are expected to have a strong understanding of database management systems, Excel, Sheets, and other political, fundraising and management software. The individual will be expected to: 


  • Organize capital campaign strategy and execution, setting communication and funding goals.

  • Develop marketing materials and plan events to generate funding.

  • Recruit, schedule, and ensure a positive experience for volunteers.

  • Coordinate identification and relationship building with key donors and groups.

  • Generate email lists to contact vendors and volunteers for NEGOP events and news

  • Process and track bills related to events.

  • Keep track of all charitable gifts.

  • Create reports that are kept in a fundraising database and presented to funders as requested

  • Overseeing general office operation.

  • Greeting visitors, answering incoming phone calls and delivering world-class customer service to NEGOP members and supporters.

  • Coordinating appointments and meetings and managing staff calendars and schedules.

  • Coordinating travel and events in remote locations.

  • Purchasing office supplies and equipment and maintaining proper stock levels.

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