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Proposed Rules

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February 27th, 2021 | Columbus, NE

State Convention Platform Modification & Central Committee Meeting

Rules of Order


  1. Rules for General and Caucus Elections

    1. The presiding officer shall announce the position being voted upon and read the nominees submitted by the announced deadline for the office of Chair and Treasurer. Nominations for caucus leadership shall be taken from the floor.

    2. Each candidate will be permitted one nominating speech and one seconding speech

    3. A person nominating a candidate shall be permitted two minutes for such a nomination

    4. A person seconding a nomination shall be permitted one minute for such a nomination

    5. The process will repeat for each candidate seeking nomination

    6. Upon completion, the presiding officer shall entertain a motion to close nominations.

    7. Upon closure of nominations, each duly nominated candidate will be permitted up to 4 minutes to address the electing body. Candidates will be called in order of nomination.

    8. Upon completion of candidate speeches, a secret ballot vote shall be taken. In the absence of a contested election, and upon proper motion and second, the electing body may suspend these rules to conduct election by voice vote.

    9. The elected candidate will assume his or her position immediately upon the announcement of the voting results.

    10. Elections shall be conducted in the following order:

      1. Congressional District Caucus Chairman (in caucus)

      2. Congressional District Caucus Vice Chairman (in caucus)

      3. Congressional District Caucus Member-at-Large (in caucus)

      4. State Party Chairman

      5. State Party Treasurer


  1. Rules for Platform & Resolution Debate

    1. The presiding officer shall set the order by which platform modifications and resolutions are heard as well as the times at which reports from committee chairs are to be delivered.

    2. No modifications or resolutions not appearing on the agenda set at the outset of the meeting shall be proposed from the floor of the relevant assembly except at the discretion of the presiding officer.

    3. Discussion on items shall be opened by a motion from the floor receiving at least one second

    4. The presiding officer shall determine the order in which speakers are heard.

    5. Discussion shall be limited to a period not exceeding two minutes. Individuals speaking wil receive time signals from the secretary or his designee at 1 minute and 10 seconds, respectively, from the expiration of their recognized time.

    6. Individuals wishing to speak must offer substantially new information relevant to the proceedings under consideration by the body as determined by the presiding officer.

    7. Procedures not specifically outlined in the above rules shall be determined by Robert’s Rules of Order and the presiding officer shall have the sole authority to make determinations regarding parliamentary procedure in consultation with Robert’s Rules.

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